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Attention VaCNS Members and All Virginia CNSs!

Posted 22 days ago by Cindy Ward in Legislative Update

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This week HB 1747 will be heard in the Senate Education and Health Committee, the next step toward passage of our bill in the General Assembly. Please contact your state senator STAT to ask for their support of this bill. You may use the email below and edit it as you wish.

If you do not know who your state senator is or how to contact them by email, click on this link: Be sure to identify your state senator, not Senators Kaine or Warner—they’re good guys, but they cannot help us with this!

The email contains very important components. Please adhere to these:

  • Use your personal email address, not your work address;
  • Use your home address in the body of the email, so the senator’s staff can verify that you are a constituent;
  • Identify yourself as a member of VaCNS and not an employee of your agency.

Many thanks!


President, VaCNS


Subject line: Please support HB 1747 on licensure of nurse practitioners as clinical nurse specialists


My name is __ (CNS) ____, and I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), and I’m your constituent. My home address is  ______.


As a member of the Virginia Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (VaCNS), I am writing to ask for your support for Clinical Nurse Specialists in the HB 1747 bill.  This bill will provide CNSs licensure that is jointly regulated by the Boards of Medicine and Nursing. It will also offer prescriptive authority for CNSs who practice in consultation with a licensed physician under a practice agreement.


Clinical Nurse Specialists are one of the four advance practice nurses, yet we are hindered in our ability to fully impact patient care to our full scope of practice. We positively impact specialties such as stroke, diabetes, oncology, palliative care, mental health, heart failure, and many more! Imagine the positive impact that CNSs can provide to our growing population of patients. This change in policy will improve our ability to positively impact disease management through being able to prescribe the necessary needs of the patient whether that includes medications, referrals, medical equipment, etc.  By passing this bill, we will be better suited to manage the complex patient care population and serve collaboratively with our other APRNs and physicians. 


As we worked with stakeholders on this bill, we met with the Medical Society of Virginia, and they have no issues with our bill. HB 1747 was voted unanimously out of the House on January 19, 2021 (98-Y, 0-N) and will be referred to the Senate Education and Health Committee.  By passing HB 1747, CNSs will be able to function as an additional provider working towards working within our highest scope of practice.


I ask for your support of HB 1747.


With kind regards,



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