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Feedback on CNS outcomes needed-A NACNS project

Posted over 1 year ago by Sarah Taylor in NACNS Initiative

Hello All,

A collaborative composed of clinical nurse specialists from several NACNS subcommittees is working on a project that includes looking into the ways our role improves patient outcomes.  We would love to hear from our fellow CNSs about the many ways we impact the care and outcomes provided within our  respective organizations.  Please take a few minutes to answer any or all of the below questions to help us get some insight into this important work.  

Responses can be sent directly to me at:

 Thanks in advance for your time!  

1.  Do you track data and outcomes? If so:     
*   How do you quantify or otherwise measure your outcomes  

2.  Are you in a system? If so:     
*   Have you disseminated your outcomes internally and externally?     
*   How do you disseminate your outcomes internally and externally?  

3.  What are specific components of your role in relation to quality, safety, and outcome management?  

4.  Have you developed a process change that resulted in an outcome?  

5.  Was this change on a small, large, or jumbo scale?  

6.  Are there CNS led/involved initiatives where you are?  (Disaster preparedness, vaccination initiatives, clinics etc.)  

7.  What is the invisible work of the CNS that you or others do that has a large impact?


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